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Rivers of Myanmar
The Irrawaddy River
This great waterway flowing from the northern tip of Myanmar into the southern delta and thence into the sea, a voyage of over 1240 miles, is a lifeline to the people. It played important roles all through the course of history, the river's life forever entwined with events in legends, in victory, in war and in triumphant tours by kings and princes.


According to Kachin legends the Great Spirit of the world from his seat on the icy Himalayan peaks poured water from two gold cups, and Mai Kha River flowed from the cup in his right hand and Mali Kha, from the left. The two rivers born together are twins, male and female, and they join at the confluence 43km north of Myitkyina, the capital of the Kachin State to give birth to the Ayeyarwaddy River. Mai Kha River is longer and flows from the East, Mali Kha is short and flows from the West.
They ate children of the Himalayas, born from the melting snows.
The Proud Chindwin
Compared to the Ayeyarwaddy, always considered the ‘Mother River’ of Myanmar, the Chindwin comes up short at 600 miles to the Ayeyarwaddy’s 1350 miles. However, she is the biggest tributary of the mighty Ayeyarwaddy and spills her strength into the longer river at a place not far from Mandalay, an old city that is the heart of Myanmar. What she lacks in length however, she makes up in spectacular scenery of lush jungles and sheer cliffs, misty-blue mountains and charming towns and villages, proudly running through a region of abundant natural resources and fertile meadows. Although the upper reaches are narrow and bordered closely with mountains, with few villages set far from each other the lower parts are more populated with mountains standing as a blue-purple backdrop in the distance.

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